Your ideal customer is a moving target

Whether it’s a mining executive or a trendy ‘twenty-something’, your ideal customer likely uses multiple devices each day and a mix of work, personal and play across several different online mediums. So you need to go with the flow, not just focus on one strategy.

You need a ‘fluid’ online marketing strategy

Success then requires constantly moving your marketing and your budget to where your customers are. Keeping your activity ‘fluid’ so to speak. By changing tactic to stay where the best results are coming from, you’ll get a constant flow of ‘wins’ that you can build momentum on. It’s super exciting! This what we at Web Profits call Fluid Online Marketing.

So hire a superstar marketing team that knows EVERYTHING

Ok, so we don’t know everything but we do know A LOT about how to generate profits online. Sales, sales and more sales. And that’s across a wide spectrum of mediums and strategies. From Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter to Emails to Viral Giveaways, we know how to find success for you. Fast.


We define a goal and a strategy with you first

Before we even log into Google Adwords or share an update on Instagram, we sit down and work through your business growth goals so we clearly understand what you’d like to achieve and by when. Once that’s sorted, we’ll map out a strategy that’ll more than get you there, leaving you grinning ear-to-ear and eager to high-five us when the results start rolling in.

Dominate your competition (without them knowing how you did it)

Because we have specialists in every online marketing area (SEO, Social Media, Online Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Design etc) we’ll create a multi-faceted raid on your competition that’s so comprehensive they’ll wonder what hit them... It’s ok, we’re nice people – we just want you to win and win BIG.

Find out how we would implement a Fluid Online Marketing strategy for your business


We go for both short and long-term success... at the same time

There’s simply no point in only going for short-term (viral promos) or long-term (SEO etc) strategies. You need to do both simultaneously. Our different expert teams have the ability to get fast results from online ads and viral email promotions while we build the social media and SEO results to deliver big long-term sales.

We’re constantly trying to smash your targets

Every day we crunch numbers, tweak colours, change headlines, formats, layouts, ad copy, sales copy, sequences, viral competitions, imagery, emails... We try everything to extract every last per cent out of your conversion rates. And we're not satisfied unless we’ve done everything possible to get you an avalanche of results (which means we're never satisifed).

We’ll get more sales in the door than you’ll know what to do with

If you’re not totally ready for the results we’re going to bring, you might end up with a very big problem. Taking up Web Profits on our Fluid Online Marketing solution is a serious decision (we’re not kidding). So make sure you’re ready for a huge influx of orders / leads / appointments etc.


We even build you an asset to keep

One of the best online assets you can own - an Email list. What extra revenue could you drive with a few thousand new subscribers each month? Here’s what some of our Fluid Online Marketing customers have gained so far: 3,960 new subscribers in 2 months for a local restaurant and bar chain... 9,242 new subscribers in 3 months for a sports nutrition company... 3,699 new subscribers in 5 months for a skin care product ecommerce website. That’s highly leveraged sales potential just waiting for you to press ‘send’.

All for one fixed monthly fee

Be warned... Getting an expert team of 5 dedicated professionals to create online sales success for you doesn’t come cheap. Starting at $8,000 per month for our management fee plus advertising costs, it’s a serious investment (that provides serious results). Thankfully though, no matter how many extra hours we work on your results, you won’t pay any more.

Will this work for me?

In short, yes. But you need to be able to afford it AND be ready to handle the sales activity that comes your way. Ecommerce websites need to handle a big increase in orders. Lead-gen websites need to be able to process a huge number of new leads. And what if you have an existing marketing team? That’s cool too, it just means you can work more on your business sales and brand strategy and leave the ‘heavy lifting’ to us.

This service isn’t for everyone though

We’re serious about that. Some companies won’t blink at the cost but if they’re not 100% committed to growing and growing fast, then we’re simply not interested in working with them. We’re a very passionate, supercharged team of online marketing professionals so we only choose to work with companies that are ‘going somewhere’ too.


Here are some examples of what’s possible with Fluid Online Marketing...

One client had a goal of doubling their monthly sales leads. They instead got 6x their expectations (and we’re still trying to make that even bigger for them). Another client came to us for their new product launch and were blown away with 42 million ad impressions and 200,000 qualified visitors to their website... in just 2 months. Plus it’s even worked for us too, generating a list of 5,119 qualified email leads in 3 weeks for $1,000!

If you’re serious about growth and would like an avalanche of new sales, then chat with us today.

But before you do, let’s quickly check the following to see if you qualify first:

  • Are you an established business with capacity to handle more sales?
  • Can you make fast decisions?
  • Can you afford at least $8,000 monthly management fee PLUS advertising costs on top of that?

We can’t offer a premium service like this to a lot of companies, so we’re limiting it to just FIVE (5) clients this month. That’s it.

If Fluid Online Marketing sounds like something you'd be interested in, let’s chat about what’s possible. Simply fill in your details below and we’ll contact you to arrange a discussion ASAP.

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